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How to generate bulk barcode images by Excel data.

How to print bulk barcode labels by Excel data.


Our barcode software can do these thing.

See below screen shot, in the Step 1, you can import data an Excel file.

1.  Load Data From Excel --- Click this button, then select an Excel file in your computer, then load the Excel

spreadsheet's data to this barcode program.

2.  If some system cannot directly load data from Excel, use the alternatives solution --- Click the "Copy Data From

Excel" button, then copy an Excel sheet's data to the clipboard, then paste it to this barcode program.

3.  After loaded data to this program, you can also edit the data in this program --- Click the "Data Editor" button,

a spreadsheet will be opened with the loaded data, you can batch edit the data of multiple rows or columns,

for example, you can change a whole column's data to a certain number, or automatic generate a serial numbers,

then insert them to a column or a row of the spreadsheet. The edited data can export back to the Excel file.



In the Step 2, you can define the barcode's format --- barcode type, barcode size, barcode font name and size, etc.

1. "Set Font" button: The barcode can has up to 2 lines title text and 2 lines footer txt, you can set different font

 ame and size for each line title and footer.

2. "Calc Size" button: Calculate the most suitable barcode size based on the paper size and the number of labels

to be printed on each sheet -- rows X columns.

3. Rotation: Rotate the barcode to 0, 90, 180, 270 degree angle.

4. Auto-Resize: If select this option, the barcode will auto resize to let it high readable by the barcode reader.

5. Show Text Under Barcode: Show the barcode's number under the barcode to let it can be read by human.


In the Step 3, you can define how many barcode will be printed in one paper, you can set it to print 1 or more

barcode in a paper, for example: print 3 X 10 barcodes in an Avery 5160 paper.

1. Paper Size: Select  a paper size that has been defined by the system. If there is no paper that suits you, please

select customized, and then enter the paper width and height yourself.


2. "Setup Wizard" button: Same as the Calc Size button, calculate the most suitable barcode size based on the

paper size and the number of labels to be printed on each sheet -- rows X columns.

3. "Templates" button: Select the templates which defined the settings for commonly used label paper, such as

Avery 5160, 5161, 5162, 5163, etc.

4. "To Excel Word" button: Insert one or multiple barcode images to a Word or Excel file.

5. "To Image Files" button: Export one or multiple barcode image files to a specify folder, the barcode format can

Png, Bmp and Emf, Emf is a vector image forma, it can be adjust to any size without loss quality, use a third-party

image editing software, you can enlarge the Emf barcode image to any resolution as your requirement.

6. "Open Folder" button: Open the folder which you chosen to export the barcode image files.

7. "Print Labels" button: Output barcode labels to the printer which select in the top select box of step 3.


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